Upgrade to a Leather Guest Book

Upgrade to a Leather Guest Book!


This large leather photo album makes the perfect photo booth guest book. Handmade in the UK from soft recycled leather, each leather photo album contains 30 cream leaves, with plenty of space for photos and messages.

Available in ivory.

31cm x 25cm x 3cm leather photo booth guest book
Comes in a brown kraft gift box



Backdrop Designs

Backdrop Designs.

Luxury Vintage and Magic Mirror Backdrops.


When you book our Luxury Vintage Booth or our Magic Mirror, we include a backdrop which your guests will then stand against. This will then be in the background of all your photos.

These are our current options that you can choose from:


Classic Floral:

Snow Scene:


White Roses:


Gold & White Geometric:


Bond Theme:


Las Vegas Theme:


Leafy Design:


Art Deco Floral:


How to pick the perfect wedding playlist

How to pick the perfect wedding playlist!


Your wedding day is approaching. The cars are booked. Speeches are written. 
Your grotty Uncle Neil has RSVP’d and, sadly, he’s coming. 

There’s just one more thing you need to make sure your party goes with a bang: a killer wedding playlist. 

At Event Lounge, our professional wedding DJs are always ready to get your guests up and dancing, but you (probably) know them better than we do: you know which songs are always sung at every family party, or the weird obsession your schoolfriends have with that one country music tune. This is where the wedding playlist comes in. 

In the age of streaming, you’d think a wedding DJ would be able to summon up any track on demand: this isn’t the case. Professional wedding DJs use special software that needs a song to be in in their library to be able to play it - and all music files need to be of a certain high quality in order to sound good. All Event Lounge DJs take tens of thousands of songs with them to gigs, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to have every track you want. (And in line with most professional wedding DJs, we can’t plug phones in to our systems, nor can we accept music from CDs or Memory Sticks on the night.)

So here are our seven top tips for picking the perfect wedding playlist...


1. All Together Now (The Farm, 1991) 

Although it’s your big day, the evening belongs to everyone: you want your guests to go away having been to the best wedding ever, right? So when picking your playlist, bear in mind that this is a wedding, and guests tend to want big songs they know and can dance to. Your guests will be a wide mix of people, from your Aunts and Uncles to Big Jim who you used to play football with and only really invited because you invited Hairy Dave and he’s mates with him still and you felt guilty. You and your beloved might love thrash metal, but will Great Aunt Sarah have even heard of Napalm Death, let alone dance to them? Likewise, you might be goths but will your work colleagues follow you on to the floor for The Cure, or are they looking for more of a disco night out? As you choose, ask yourself what is going to help the biggest number of people have the best time. Anything you’re not sure about, cut.



2. It Takes Two (Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, 1966)

Since you’re planning on spending the rest of your lives together, start by picking your playlist together. Different songs will mean different things to each of you: it could be there is a song which brings back an embarrassing teenage memory, and your partner has no idea. You probably won’t want to be reminded of that on your wedding day.


Here’s a cautionary tale: we heard of one couple who asked their DJ not to play any music released after 1990. The DJ filled his hard drive with tunes from the first four decades of pop music, and set off for the gig. It soon became clear the groom had done the playlist without asking the bride, who was a massive fan of 1990s boyband 911. Needless to say, the DJ did not have any 911 ready: cue one unhappy bride. Also, the guests were unaware of the ‘no current music’ policy, and spent the night asking for the hits of the day. The result: an empty dancefloor for most of the night.


While we’re on the subject of telling us what you don’t want to hear: if you’re making a general request like ‘no rap’, say, or ‘no dance music’ - it’s a good idea to be specific. Many modern songs include a rapped verse: are they banned? If you don’t like ‘dance music’, give us examples: a trance tune is very different to the latest Calvin Harris smash.


3. With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker, 1968)

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not ask your friends and family? Perhaps there was a song that was big on the stag or hen night you’ve forgotten about? You’ll want to edit their suggestions before you submit your playlist, though: there will be at least one person who’ll suggest Crazy Frog or something similiar ‘for a laugh’.


It also helps your DJ to know why those special songs are so special: whether it’s a tune dedicated to all the bridesmaids, or if you want Valerie to go out to Auntie Val, tell us. The better prepared we are, the more personal we’ll be able to make your evening.


4. Too Many Broken Hearts (Jason Donovan, 1989)

Beware the ballads. If everyone is up, they probably won’t want to be brought down with a blast of Bridge Over Troubled Water. There are love songs you’ll want to hear on your big day, but straight after Uptown Funk is probably not the right place for them. Instead, why not compile a playlist to play in the background during the wedding meal? You could even hire a PA system from Event Lounge for just £100. Perfect for making your dinner music - and your speeches - sound great.


5. Blank Space (Taylor Swift, 2014)

Don’t feel like you have to fill every slot on your playlist. We recommend picking around twenty songs, which will give your DJ a good idea of what you’re into while also giving them room to take requests and to change things around if necessary. But if you can’t think of all twenty, or even if you don’t want to give us a playlist at all, that’s ok: Event Lounge DJs are experienced at playing to mixed crowds, and our professional wedding DJs are always ready to bring the party!


6. Too Much (Spice Girls, 1997)

Be careful of choosing too many songs. There is a reason you want a professional wedding DJ to do your disco, and it’s this: a human can read a room, see what works, and pick the right tune to get your crowd dancing the night away. If you give your DJ too long a playlist, you might as well create one on Spotify, and watch while the computer selects songs at random to a mostly empty dance floor. This may also mean not every song on your list gets played: perhaps your DJ has seen the crowd is in more of a Motown mood, and can’t quite find time for that electropop banger from 2007 you asked for. If there’s anything that absolutely cannot be left out, tell us.


7. No Surprises - Radiohead (1997)

Finally, if you have surprises planned, let us in on the secret. We won’t tell your guests, and there’s nothing to be gained by keeping it from us. If you’ve planned a comedy striptease, a dance tribute to Michael Jackson, or a fireworks display that relies on 150 guests moving outside at precisely 10pm (all real-life examples of surprises sprung on us), tell us in advance: it will help us prepare the right songs to soundtrack your night. And since we’re event experts, we may even be able to advise you on timing and presentation to give your special-extra-something maximum impact.


So there you go: your complete guide to the perfect wedding playlist. Remember these are guidelines, not rules: so if you have any special requests, or want to ignore the guide, that’s fine too. If you’ve booked Event Lounge, you’ve booked an amazing night, and we want to do everything we can to make it one you’ll Never Forget…


© Event Lounge 2018 


Meet the Team - Adam Griffiths (aka Adz)

"Meet the team!"

This week, meet Adam Griffiths (aka Adz)

The Man, The Myth, The Pokémon hunter Adam has been working with our #Photobooth's ,#Videodiary's and #Funcasino to name just a few of his many skills. He's a popular & valuable longstanding member of our team.

Whatever the job Adam is the man, but one thing we have all learned.... he would "MUCH RATHER BE THE DJ"

My we present to you The Jedi High Council thirteenth man. also known as simply "Grand Master Adz"

Adam's... Questions and Answers

Q- If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
A- Doesnt really count as a super hero but id like to be Jedi using the force and a lightsaber

Q- How old were you when you learned santa wasn't real? How did you find out?
A- about 12, my mum ask'd me go get some candles out of her drawer and i found mine and my sisters santa notes and biscuits

Q- If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day and why?
A- Søren Bjerg, league of legends pro player, always wanted to be a pro player

Q- Who would play you in a movie of your life?
A-Micheal Clarke Duncan (R.I.P) because he is an amazing actor

Q- What's your favourite board game?
A- Chess

Q- If you could have any job you wanted what would it be?
A- it would either be a pro league of legends/counterstrike player, or a 3D modeler for a big gaming company


Event Lounge Wedding Tips Number 8

Event Lounge Wedding Tips Number 8.

Personal touch... 

Might sounds like the most obvious thing, but making sure you have your own "Personal touch" and input to your special day is very important... We hear so many times how some people simply don't get that and are pretty much told "this is how we do it".... At Event Lounge we believe it's your party, we want it to be your special day... 

A wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasions in one’s life, and everyone strives to make it a memorable. Making your special moment a memorable celebration, Event Lounge brings personalized and innovative wedding entertainment solutions... 
All wishes are made possible for your dream weddings. We can plan the sequence of events and organize various entertainment options, and much more considering your budget. We make you comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with your family, friends and relatives. When it’s a time to celebrate, we look for fresh and innovative ideas to spice up your party. 

Innovation and perfection forms the foundation of all Event Lounge entertainment, where team comprise of young and innovative professionals who like to go an extra mile for successful execution of events and meeting our promises.
Whatever the occasion, we make sure that everything goes as per your wish. 
We provide end to end services to transform your event into wonderful and memorable celebration.
We believe in organizing events with a unique personal touch allowing you to choose your booths photo frames, personalized money for your fun casino and play lists for our DJ's to use as reference.. . 
We simplify & make things easier to provide exceptional services to the clients. 
Our ultimate objective is to exceed your expectations, with quality service and perfect execution.

We’ve been organizing events for many years, and as one of the leading wedding entertainment suppliers around North Wales and the North West, we have the experience, skills and professionalism to make sure events runs smoothly, from start to finish.... But we also believe no matter what the event, the most important input comes from you... 

To find out more, why not come along to one of our "Wedding Fayres"... The perfect opportunity to meet the team and get inspired for your big day...


Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 7

Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 7 

Video Diary booth / Capturing memories 

Why a Wedding Video Booth is a Brilliant Idea??
You’ve probably heard of a guest book, where guests sign their names along with a short celebratory message for you. But have you heard of a wedding video? A wedding video diary booth is where guests go to record a short video with words of wisdom, memories, a message about how fun the wedding was, or well wishes for the couple’s future. The result is a fun, interactive video you get to listen to and watch after the honeymoon (and anytime you want)! Signatures are great, but seeing a guest on film is priceless. It’s fun for guests to do, and even more amazing for the couple to watch at home after the big day.

Hiring a video diary booth for your wedding will create some great memories of your special day as well as entertaining your guests!

Not just a good idea for weddings, video booth hire has become ever more popular for all types of parties. Guests can be easily encouraged to leave birthday, anniversary, christening, retirement and Christmas messages, which often become more and more entertaining as the night goes on. 

A friendly Event Lounge team member will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Here's a short sample video so you can see how it works:

And for more information...



Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 6

Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 6 

Wedding Lighting

So many people overlook the power of "Wedding Lighting" when planning a special event. If lighting is used in the correct way they can add a magical atmosphere to any occasion. Event Lounge have a selection of lighting solutions which can help bring your party to life. Whether you are planning your special event at a hotel or marquee you are sure to find the lighting you require to make it an event to remember. 

When done well, lighting can make everything look better, from your wedding cake to the dancefloor. The right kind of illumination will also get those details you spent hours on noticed, create awesome photo ops and allow you to spend less on the rest of the décor. It really is that impactful. We like to think of lighting as the jewelry of any space, the right lights will make your reception unforgettable. 

Your name in lights.... Gobos: Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern onto a wall, ceiling or floor. Monograms, dates and wedding motifs are popular gobo designs. 

Uplighters.... Led: Short for “light-emitting diode," LED lights use much less electricity than (and don't get as hot as) regular incandescent light bulbs. Uplighters are great for colour changes and vibrant hues to transform any venue. 

At Event Lounge, we can also hire the very popular LOVE Letters & stunning white starlit dance floors. Sparkly white dance floors look absolutely fantastic and are perfect for weddings, birthday parties & corporate events across North Wales / North West.

Event Lounge will install and collect all lighting effects and have staff with lighting experience having worked small venue gigs to large festivals all over Europe and the States happy to help you choose your perfect wedding unique colours. 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...

Picture taken by @martinvaughanphotography


Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 5

Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 5

Get Better Value for your Event... By booking one of our FAMOUS Package Options - ensure that you get the best evening entertainment at the best value...

When you are planning your wedding its important to consider carefully the experience your family and friends will have during the day, whilst the ceremony and reception are the focus there can often be down time where not much is going on, such as during photographs or a room turn around. A great way to fill such gaps is with additional entertainment, perhaps a photo booth, or a fun casino. With "Package Deals" it gives you more options to suit everyone's budget.... 

The wedding reception is fun for all, if you are considering any entertainment, you should book as early as possible to avoid disappointment as often wedding entertainment services are booked well in advance. 

"The Mobile Disco" / DJ has become as much a part of the wedding as the photographer or the reception itself. To some people it's one of the first thing they book as they know that the evening celebration can make or break their big day. At Event Lounge our professional DJ's are included with most packages. Giving you peace of mind that one wedding essential is taken care of... 

A great addition to many weddings nowadays is to book a fun casino package. A lot of weddings have periods in the day when guests are at a loose end while other things are taking place or before dinner. Many use Fun Casinos after the Wedding Breakfast while the room is being turned round for the evening event as well as part of the evening entertainment itself... Most popular are Black Jack and Roulette as they can be played very easily and potentially for short periods.... 

The Photo Booth brings back those fun days of cramming into a booth with your friends, and posing for that fun set of photos!

Whether you’re looking for photo booth hire in North Wales and the North West for weddings, corporate events, parties, school proms and graduation balls we have a hire package to suit your needs.

At Event Lounge we believe that experience is priceless and that speaking to the clients before they book helps advise them of the best entertainment packages for their event. Feeling confident with the entertainment for their wedding is so important to so many couples... Why not come along and see for yourself all our services or visit us at for all the information on our package deals.. 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...


Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 4

Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 4 


Event Lounge Fun Casino option is ideal for those special occasions when you need to add a little something special and unique.
We have Roulette and Blackjack tables which you can book together to give the full casino experience!

The Perfect Start to your evening. Casino fun early evening can be the ultimate icebreaker providing everyone with an opportunity to meet at the tables... a "Wedding Casino" during the evening will give your guests the perfect opportunity to get together and providing them with lighthearted entertainment. 

Also with the unpredictable weather found in North Wales & North West it often means that you may find yourselves spending longer than anticipated with your photographer in efforts to capture that ray of sunshine or simply keeping your guests inside. Don’t leave your guests out in the cold! Take the time to relax and enjoy your day, confident in knowing that your guests are already enjoying the party! 

For more information on all our casino packages follow the link below... 

We're exhibiting in stunning venues over the next couple of weeks... 
Why not come along and meet the team, see all our fantastic services and get more information.... 
Sun 16th Oct... Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre (11am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Showcase (10am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Llandudno Bay Hotel Wedding Showcase (11am - 3pm) 
Sun 30th Oct... Bodnant Welsh Food Wedding Showcase (10am - 3pm) 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...


Event Lounge Wedding Tips No 3 ;-)

Event Lounge Wedding Tips No 3 ;-)

Wedding Photo Booths 

The Photo Booth brings back those fun days of cramming into a booth with your friends, and posing for that fun set of photos!

Whether you’re looking for photo booth hire in North Wales and the North West for weddings, corporate events, parties, school proms and graduation balls Event Lounge have hire packages to suit all your needs.

Any special "Event" is only as special as you and your guests make it. One way to ensure your big day is exactly that, is to make sure it’s memorable and FUN. That’s why a Event Lounge photo booth can be so perfect for your big day!

Wedding photo booth hire gives your guests an exciting attraction at the reception, or can even be used as a distraction during the early evening while you make the transition from reception to the evening celebrations. It’s fun for all ages and brings your guests together in a truly memorable way.

In the past, newly-weds have experimented with different forms of wedding photography to try and capture the moments. From disposable cameras on the tables, to a Polaroid camera point, fun wedding photography has taken many different forms. Now, more and more couples are discovering that the best way to capture those exciting memories, whilst entertaining your guests in a unique environment is to use a photo booth.

Event Lounge offers packages to suit you, so the fun never runs out. Our most popular wedding item a Photo Guest Book, which make the perfect keepsake.. They give guests a chance to share genuine light hearted advice and heartfelt messages that you will treasure. How does it work? The photo booth prints out an extra copy of each print. Guests are then encouraged to place it in the book along with a message for the happy couple.

We're exhibiting in stunning venues over the next couple of weeks... 
Why not come along and have a go yourself??? ;-)

Sun 16th Oct... Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre (11am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Showcase (10am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Llandudno Bay Hotel Wedding Showcase (11am - 3pm) 
Sun 30th Oct... Bodnant Welsh Food Wedding Showcase (10am - 3pm) 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...


Event Lounge Wedding Tips.... Number 2 ;-)

Event Lounge Wedding Tips.... Number 2 ;-)

Your Wedding DJ 

It is sometimes difficult when you plan for a wedding ceremony because there are many things you have to look at ranging from the transport, food, seating arrangement, camera and video shooting crew, to the entertainment. One thing, which you cannot overlook, is hiring the right DJ. A Event LoungeDJ can spice up the mood and make the crowd feel entertained and comfortable throughout the event.

While it may seem important to pick the exact flowers, determine the right location, and have eye-catching decorations, you also want to pick the right wedding DJ. This is your day, and you want to create long-lasting memories among the people who attend your event.

An improperly planned entertainment could spoil the otherwise great and perfect event. Ensure you meet with the wedding DJ (at one of our many wedding fayres or privately) and discuss important things about the music you want. You may find that because DJs are experienced in their work, they provide you with tips and advice on what music will carry the emotions of the crowd. Consult with the DJ and ensure your both involved in the planning. It may not be appropriate to allow the DJ do what he or she likes because they may simply be stealing the show and could create a bad impression.

A professional DJ should be able to listen to your needs and expectations, and offer exactly that. In the end, you will have entertainment that is flawless. 
One mistake that people make when they plan for entertainment is to assume that a DJ has all the music. You may want to check what they have in terms of the music collection. In case you love country or rock ensure the your wedding DJ has a good collection of this kind of music. A DJ who updates his or her library often will be able to offer you the latest and most extraordinary music you may find out there...

Reviews: Before you hire a DJ service for your wedding, it is essential that you check for customer reviews... With customer feedback you would be able to judge whether a particular type of music that the DJ is playing would be suitable for your special day keeping in mind your guests... At Event Lounge you can visit
We're exhibiting in stunning venues in October... 
Why not come along have a chat and meet the team...

Sun 16th Oct... Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre (11am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Showcase (10am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Llandudno Bay Hotel Wedding Showcase (11am - 3pm) 
Sun 30th Oct... Bodnant Welsh Food Wedding Showcase (10am - 3pm) 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...


Event Lounge Wedding Tips.... Number 1


Finding a Wedding Reception Location

Once you find the perfect venue to get married at, the rest of those wedding day details (color, style, decor and so on) should quickly fall into place. What should you look for in your reception site (aside from that sense of rightness you know you'll have the moment you see "the one")? 

It sounds obvious but make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. The space may look enormous when it's empty, but wedding essentials—tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar, the band or DJ setup, the dance floor, fun casino, photo booth—can take up a lot of space. The best way to assess the size of a site is to visit wedding fayres and open evenings when the rooms are "partly" laid out for you to view. 

What will your guests see when they walk into the room? Whether it's your local skyline, a stunning vista of rolling mountains and valley's or crashing waves against the stunning North Wales coastline, exceptional locations with a view are always a plus. If there's no view per se, look to a place's decor or architectural details: Artwork on the walls, period furniture in the corners or an amazing crystal chandelier as a room's centerpiece all give your reception site (and wedding pictures) that something extra. 

While you might not even want to think about rain putting a damper on your outdoor wedding, you can't look at venues without considering an alternative plan of action should Mother Nature have other ideas. Figure out if there is an indoor space that you can use should the weather turn bad... 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask!!! 
Your wedding vendors should be your go-to, most-trusted experts during the planning process. When working with them, you should feel free to really explore what it is you want—maybe it's serving a late-night snack instead of a first course or doing a bridal portrait session rather than an engagement session. The bottom line is that you should feel like you can have an honest conversation with them about what it is you want. Their job will be to tell you what you can and can't make work given your wedding budget. 


We're exhibiting in stunning venues over the next couple of weeks... 
Why not come along and meet the team, see all our fantastic services and get more information.... 

Sun 16th Oct... Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre (11am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Showcase (10am - 4pm) 
Sun 23rd Oct... Llandudno Bay Hotel Wedding Showcase (11am - 3pm) 
Sun 30th Oct... Bodnant Welsh Food Wedding Showcase (10am - 3pm) 

For more info and our full "Event" listings, please visit...


May 2016 - Prom Xtra

On Saturday 14th May 2016, We will be at Prom Xtra on Colwyn Bay Promonade with our Photo Booth from 11am until 8pm. 

Prom Xtra is one of North Wales' highly anticipated events and is a fun event perfect for all the family with lots of different things to enjoy throughout the day. On the 'Prom Live' stage, Mark Wright (from 'The Only Way Is Essex" & Heart FM Radio) will be the headline act as well as lots of local soloist's, bands and dancers! 

We will be in the 'Family Zone' with our Photo Booth so come and say hello, get your photo taken in our booth and receive a free photo for you to keep! The 'Family Zone' will be on the Porth Eirias Car Park near the 'Prom Live' Stage! 

There is a 'Funfair Zone' with Knightly's Funfair as well as a 'Motorsport Zone' with rally cars from the North Wales Car Club. There will also be a 'Shopping Zone' and a 'Beach Zone' which will be hosting creative workshops as well as a Surf Simulator from Surf Snowdonia! Glamorgan Cricket Club and the RGC rugby team will also be there. 


Working for us is FUN!!


We're looking for someone to join our Event Lounge team for 2018, to work on our Photo Booth, Magic Mirror, Video Diary, Fun Casino and DJ packages.

This is a chance to join an exciting, fun, growing North Wales business with opportunities of promotion. You will be fully trained, and learn new skills!

You need to be excited about working in the entertainment/events business and have a happy, friendly personality. The job role will involve weekend work, and is suitable for someone already working in the week, studying or just looking for extra hours.

We are looking for:

  • Photo Booth Assistants
  • Magic Mirror Assistants
  • Fun Casino Croupiers (training provided of course!)
  • Van Drivers

You could end up running your own nights, and even DJing for us!

You must be available to work weekends, and driving license is advantageous - but not essential.

To apply, please email your CV & cover note to before midday on Wednesday 14th March


Upgrade to a Deluxe Option!

Upgrade to a Deluxe Guest Option!

If you have booked a Guest Book with your Photo Booth booking, all of your photos will be put in the book, and your guests will write a message next to their picture.

We now offer a Deluxe Photo Booth package, which includes:

· Super Sized Guest Book
· Choice of Guest Book design
· 25 Photo Keyrings or Fridge Magnets - Perfect for Wedding Favours!

Let us know if you would like to add this to your package for an extra £45.

"Pink Roses" Deluxe Guest Book:

"Just Married" Deluxe Guest Book: (**SOLD OUT!**)


"Red Glitter" Deluxe Guest Book:


"White Hearts" landscape Deluxe Guest Book: (**SOLD OUT!**)


"Retro Cameras" Deluxe Guest Book:


"Black & Gold" Deluxe Guest Book:


To upgrade to one of our Deluxe Guest Option, simply let us know at any point before your event and we shall add it to your booking!


007 James Bond Party!

007 Themed Party in North Wales!

Do you LOVE 007? Or are you planning a James Bond themed party in North Wales? Our latest Photo Booth design is perfect for any Casino, James Bond or Casino Royale themed party or wedding. 

Our Photo Booth packages all include free Custom Design by our in-house designer, so that your final photos come out looking sharp and match any theme you may have:


Our Photo Booth packages start from £395, and you can see all our price options here, and include travel in North Wales.


DJ, Photo Booth & Fun Casino - only £895!

If you really want to put on a top James Bond themed party, you can book our Ultimate Party Package which includes a DJ, Photo Booth and TWO Fun Casino tables! This gives your guests a real taste of the glamour of Casino Royale - right here in North Wales!

If you want more info, or would like to book a date, you can contact us through our website or call the office number on 01492 556123


Vegas Themed Party!

Vegas Themed Party in North Wales!

Our latest Photo Booth custom design is a Vegas Theme and is perfect for any Casino, Las Vegas themed party or wedding. 

Are you getting married in Las Vegas? Or going to Las Vegas on your honeymoon? Or maybe you just fancy having a crazy Vegas themed party?

Our Photo Booth packages all include free Custom Design by our in-house designer, so that your final photos come out looking sharp and match any theme you may have:


Our Photo Booth packages start from £395, and you can see all our price options here, and include travel in North Wales.


DJ, Photo Booth & Fun Casino - only £895!

If you really want to put on a top Vegas themed party, you can book our Ultimate Party Package which includes a DJ, Photo Booth and TWO Fun Casino tables! This gives your guests a real taste of the glamour of Las Vegas - right here in North Wales!

If you want more info, or would like to book a date, you can contact us through our website or call the office number on 01492 556123


Hashtag Your PhotoBooth

We have now added a unique new feature to all of our photo booth options and packages; Not only do we have Magic Photo, Green Screen and Photo Customisation, We now have a "Hashtag" feature. This is great for a Wedding, Birthday or Christmas Party, Staff Parties, Award Ceremonies or Charity Events. 

With our booths, you can set up your own personalised hashtag with us first; e.g #JenAndJohnWedding

During the course of your event, any images taken by you or your guests which are uploaded to Instagram using your hashtag are automatically added to the photo's taken in our booth. This means your guests can capture moments like a first dance, the cutting of the cake and any other special moments outside of our photo booth. We then print out any of these photos and put them into your guest book alongside the photo booth. After the event, all your photos from the event will be added to our photos for you to keep. 

We've posted an example below of a Bride & Groom in North Wales who used #peachandpieswedding for their Wedding on Instagram. This photo could then be printed out and added to a photo guestbook during the evening. 

To find out more or to add this to your photo booth, Contact Us by clicking here or call us on 01492 556123. 



Your Name in Lights!

Name Projection - £75

See you name in lights - quite literally! We can project your new Mr & Mrs name onto the wall or ceiling using our personalised gobo!

This is a great way to wow your guests on your wedding night - especially if we activate the projection just as you start your first dance!



See about all our optional extras on our website -


September 2015

We've had a busy month already taking our Photo Booths across North Wales, kicking off the Wedding Fayre season as well as unveiling our NEW Magic Photo!

We took our North Wales Photo Booths to all the Freshers Fair events held by Grwp Llandrillo Menai for all the new students at Rhos on Sea, Rhyl, Llangefni, Glynllifon, Dolgellau, Denbigh and Pwllheli Campus. It was so busy and all the Students really enjoyed trying out our updated Green Screen backgrounds and our new additions to the Prop & Fancy Dress Box!!

Our Photo Booth packages have been really popular this month at many weddings at St Georges Hotel in Llandudno, the Quay Hotel & Spa in Deganwy, Tre-Ysgawen Hall and Glan Conwy. Two of our Brides have added keyrings as party favours for their guests onto their Photo Booth booking. We can personalise the Keyring backs Free of Charge to give your guests a unique souvenir of the occasion.


We can also personalise the backgrounds of your actual Photographs, again, Free of Charge. Melissa and Tim, who got married in Cameo Island off the island of Zante, had our DJ & Photo Booth package at their Wedding Celebration in Llandudno last weekend and chose this option to personalise their photos. The picture they provided was used on our Green Screen for that evening.  

This was the stunning island that they got married on - and we had this as a background option in their Photo Booth! So their guests felt like they were back in Zante!






And here are the Bride & Groom! They look great :-) 



Great start to 2015

Happy New Year!

We would like to thank all our customers from 2014, happy couples and venues for helping us have such a successful year.

Last year was incredibly busy for us, seeing us recruit new team members and add a new Photo Booth concept, new Blackjack table and introduce new North Wales DJ's to our team.

Our offerings make us unique in North Wales, especially as we can offer package deals that are much better value for money!

Into this new year, we are booked into lots of Wedding Fayres and are set for a BIG YEAR!


Personalised Wedding Favours

All our photo booths offer your guests the option to purchase key-rings, photo frames and fridge magnets from us once they've had their photo taken. Our classic and premium photo booths also offer Unlimited prints for your guests. Now we have an extra option to personalise your event even more! 

 You can now add on personalised key rings for your guests to keep complete with customised "keyring backs" to make them even more unique. We can also match this with the colour theme for your event and photo customisation. 

Before the event, you will receive the key rings or fridge magnets, which you can give to your guests as Party Favours. Your guests are then invited into our booth to have their Photo taken. Their key ring is created there and then for them to take home from the event. Other guests will still be able to use the Photo Booth and purchase key rings, frames or additional prints if they wish. This option is not only great for weddings but also for Birthday celebrations, Staff Parties, Award evenings and family occasions! 

Here are some prices:

  • Keyrings / Fridge Magnets - £2.45 each to include an envelope (as shown below) and would be delivered to you in advance.
  • Keyrings / Fridge Magnets - £2.25 each presented in a bowl on the night, and guests pick them as they come to the booth.
  • 4" x 6” Frames £3.35 each, choice of white or black


Photo Booth Strips!

Classic Photo Booth Strips!

Everyone loves jumping into a classic Photo Booth and posing for four photos with their friends! Our Photo Booths are set up to recreate those fun times, with the options of changing your backgrounds and wearing fancy dress hats, wigs & props...

We also give the option of printing four photos in a strip, just like the vintage Photo Booths used to! Here are some samples..

For more info about our Photo Booth packages in North Wales, click here


Custom Photo Designs for 2016!

Photo Booth Custom Designs!

When you book an Event Lounge Photo Booth, you not only get a top class Photo Booth with full high tech features, highly trained staff for the night and great quality prints....but we also custom design your photos for each event! Our in-house designer will personalise the design for your wedding, party or event and can even change colours / fonts to match your theme!

Here are some samples of our current templates to give you an idea:



We don't charge any extra for this service, as we think this makes the final results look much better. If you like a particular theme, but would prefer a different colour, we can do that for you - and you can see a couple of ideas here:

 "Wedgwood Template" in grey and blue;


"Chalkboard Template" in yellow and pink


"Love-Birds" template in yellow and purple:

So if you have a Photo Booth booked with us in North Wales, make sure you look through our Custom Design templates, and choose the theme you would like!


Christmas Parties!

Even though we are now almost at the end of January, we are still doing Christmas Parties! Many businesses that are too busy in December, have their Staff Parties in January. This is still keeping us busy!

As you can see, our in-house designer can custom-design your Photo Booth pics, and we can also add your company logo, or any messages you may wish to appear on the photo.

This season we've done Photo Booths in North Wales for St George Hotel, Llandudno; Marks & Spencer Llandudno; Llandudno Bay Hotel, Llandudno; Castle Hotel in Conwy and a group of Rhos on Sea businesses. 



Magic Photo!

Our Magic Photo will amaze you and your friends. Simply enter our Photo Booth and leave a short video. A photo will then be printed into the Guest Book and marked as a Magic Photo.

Here's the special bit…when looking through the album you can hover their phone over your photo and, using our special app, it comes to life! Playing your full video message!
Harry Potter eat your heart out!


Click below to download the app:


Once you have the app installed, complete the following steps to get Magic Photo to work:

• Load up the app
• Hold the phone over the image on the screen so that it is contained within the red rectangular box
• Wait for a few seconds and the image will come to life. Couldn't be easier!


November Highlights 2015

In November, We had a lot of events booked including a Diwali Celebration Night at Jaya Restaurant in Llandudno with our Blackjack table, The Quay Hotel & Spa Wedding and Corporate Open Evening, Chateau Rhianfa Wedding Fayre and we also went to DJ at the Free 2 Network Awards. 

 We took our Complete Party Package to Rebecca & David's 30th Birthday Party; the Guestbook looked amazing and was packed full of photo's and special birthday messages. The guests also enjoyed our Roulette and Blackjack tables; A Big WELL DONE to the Winner!! 


We also took our Fun Casino to Faenol Fawr for Rhian & Chris Garlick's Wedding, Our DJ & Fun Casino package was booked for Nigel & Denise's 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations in Llandudno and we took our DJ & Unlimited PhotoBooth package to Rhyl for Amanda's 50th Birthday Party. 





April Highlights

We had such a busy month in April! Not only did We attend the Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre as well as Bodnant Centre Wedding Open Day but We took our PhotoBooths to eight Coleg Llandrillo campuses for their 'Rock This Vote' Election Campaign for first-time voters. We also DJ'd 10 Weddings and took our Photo Booths to 7 different events! We took our Fun Casino out to Mr & Mrs Parry's Wedding as well as our Video Booth to Mr & Mrs Collins' Wedding!! 

Our photo booths have become so popular with our new Green Screen option! There is a HUGE Variety of backgrounds to choose from including World Landmarks and Celebrity Icons as well as a simple background such as a Red Curtain! 


We also have the option of our Immersive Green Screen which puts you within the 'Scene'. These include Magazine covers and our ever-popular Minions :-) 


We also personalise each PhotoBooth Photo with different text and colour scheme to give a really unique souvenir!

All our Photo Booth options and prices can be found here.


Our Green Screen PhotoBooths

Whether you’re looking for photo booth hire in North Wales for weddings, corporate events, parties, school proms and graduation balls, we have an option to suit your needs. All of our Photo Booths have been recently upgraded with Green Screens and Photo Customisation. We've also added a Full size digital copy of all photos taken during the course of the event as well as keeping the Free upload to Facebook. 

Photo Customisation

When booking our PhotoBooths, Customers can now have their own unique design created by our in-house designer. This is then used at the event to personalise the Photo's and create a memorable souvenir of the occasion. This means customers can have any details they want as well as choosing a colour scheme. Each design is unique to each customer and can include Names, Dates, Companies, Occasions and many more. Below are a few examples. 


Green Screen

Having a Green Screen in a Photo Booth now means you can have lots of fun deciding which background to have. We've added some of our own backgrounds into our booths including Conwy Castle, Menai Bridge in Anglesey, Llandudno pier and more - these are taken by our very own Jonny! We also have a variety of international locations including Las Vegas and Hollywood as well as simple backgrounds like Red Curtains, Brick or Vintage Wood Effect. You can also be 'Immersed' within a setting like our highly popular Minion option or a Magazine Cover! You can see some examples of these below.



 To find out more about our Photo Booth Options, click here.


Entertainment Packages

We have four entertainment packages which have all been recently upgraded making them perfect for any occasion! Not only ideal for Weddings, Our packages are a popular choice when planning a Birthday or Anniversary Party, Staff & Christmas Parties, Charity events and Award evenings. 


Our DJs have many years of experience, having worked for many weddings, parties and events. They have DJ'd in various nightclubs in and around Llandudno, Bangor and along the North Wales Coast. We take a playlist of 25 songs, as we can usually adapt the music around your suggestions. This ensures we include memorable songs from Hen/Stag parties, traditional songs as well songs to entertain all of your guests. We've included a DJ in each of our Packages which gives you one of our professional Event Lounge DJs for up to 5 hours! 

Our DJ & Photo Booth package costs only £550 which gives you a saving of £95. This option includes our Classic booth meaning you can choose between Unlimited pictures for guests or a Photo GuestBook made during the course of the event. This option includes all the usual extras including all the props, the use of Green Screen & Photo Customisation!

Our DJ & Video Diary package costs £550 which, again, gives you a saving of £95. This gives you all the extras such as fancy dress, 3 hours of Filming and a fully edited DVD or USB after the event. 

Our DJ & Fun Casino package includes a Roulette Table as well as a Blackjack table for two hours of play and costs just £500. This gives you a saving of £100! We also include a bottle of wine for the winner and a box of chocolates for the runner up. 

Our ULTIMATE Party Package includes an Event Lounge DJ, our Fun Casino Tables as well as the choice of our Video Diary or our Premium Photo Booth option which includes a Free Photo Guestbook as well as unlimited prints for guests! Individually, this would cost over £1,000, but at £800 it gives a huge saving of £250!! 

To find out more about all our package options, click here or to book a package option, contact us on our Website.



October Highlights

We have had such a busy and exciting month in October!

We are so excited to have been shortlisted in the National Welsh Wedding Awards in the category for BEST WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT in North Wales. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us; We are really looking forward to the Award Ceremony in Swansea this month! 

We also took our Ultimate Party package to Ruthin Castle for Mr & Mrs Bridge's Wedding; They had our DJ, PhotoBooth, Roulette and Blackjack! We also took our Fun Casino to The Kinmel & Kinspa for Brooke & Tom's Wedding. We went to the Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre in Llandudno, The Kinmel Open Evening, Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa Open Evening as well as the Royal Hotel Wedding Fayre in Llanberis and met lots of Brides & Grooms planning their Wedding Day. We also took our Photo Booths to the Skills Cymru event in Venue Cymru alongside Grwp Llandrillo Menai.



Skills Cymru Event - October 2015

Last Week, We took our Photo Booth to Venue Cymru with Grwp Llandrillo Menai to be part of the Skills Cymru event in Llandudno!! Skills Cymru is a career and skills event held in Wales which can attract up to 10,000 people each year. 

This event is the perfect place for students to find out about different career choices, training opportunities and courses available after High School or College. It is also ideal for young people to find out more about apprenticeships, job vacancies and advice on volunteering. This is delivered in a variety of ways including interactive features, demonstrations and activities. There were various exhibitors there including NHS, Careers Wales, Royal Air Force, Welsh Government and the British Army! 

We personalised our booths to include different 'Career Inspired' backgrounds and fancy dress props as you can see below! 




Spring 2015 Wedding Fayres

The Spring 2015 Wedding Fayres!


If you only got engaged over Christmas, you may want to start looking around at what options you will have to plan your special day.

In North Wales, there are plenty of stunning venues, and most have wedding fayres once or twice a year, where they showcase the venue but also different wedding suppliers.

It's also a great chance for you to meet these companies face-to-face and discuss things you may want. Event Lounge always attend the top wedding fayres, especially in the North Wales Wedding Venues that do the most events.

Our team will be more than happy to explain all our options to you, and it's a great chance to ask any questions you may have about our DJ's, Photo Booth, Video Booth or Fun Casino Options!


You can see a regularly updated list of all our upcoming north wales wedding fayres here. We look forward to seeing you this spring! 






Celebration Events Venue Cymru Wedding Fayre

On Sunday 12th April, We went to Venue Cymru in Llandudno for the Spring Celebration Events Wedding Fayre. 
This was the perfect opportunity to showcase our unique newly designed Photo Booths!!
We had a "Welcome" booth at the entrance of the Wedding Fayre where all the pictures taken were uploaded instantly to the Celebration Events Facebook Page. We also had a Photo Booth stand inside the Fayre and those pictures were also uploaded here.
We also took our Roulette & Blackjack Tables to the Wedding Fayre! 
There were over 60+ suppliers at Venue Cymru including Florists, Stationary suppliers, Make Up Artists, Photographers, Evening Reception entertainment, Caterers and Bridal Gown and Suit suppliers.
Also, TWO Catwalk Shows took place to showcase different wedding attire available!!
It was an incredibly busy day with so many brides & grooms to be planning their big day with a huge selection of options to choose from!!
The final wedding fayre we will be at this Spring to showcase our New Photo Booths, as well as our DJ Services, Video Diary and Fun Casino, is the Bodnant Wedding Fayre with Celebration Events. This is on Sunday 19th April starting from 10am!

Brands We Have Worked With

Our Event Lounge entertainment options have proved to be very popular for Staff Parties and Award Evenings! 

We have DJ'd regularly for the Free 2 Network awards as well as Spar and Asda's Christmas Staff Parties. Recently, our Photo Booths were used with Grwp Llandrillo Menai's Election Campaign for 'Rock This Vote'. We have also worked with John Lewis, Swayne Johnson Solicitors, North Wales Housing and Waitrose! 


Our Digital PhotoBooth is the ideal option for a Staff Party or an Awards Evening as this option comes with Fancy Dress, Hats, Wigs, Props and Glasses as well as the option to upload all the Photos taken onto the Facebook Page of their choice! Each Digital Booth also includes a FREE DVD/USB of all the Photo's taken.

An Event Lounge Team Member runs the Booth for 3 hours during the course of the event and each table is invited in to have their photograph taken. They are then given the option of buying a Keyring, 6x4" Print, Photograph with a frame, Fridge Magnets or a Phone Case with their Picture on. All these options are done there and then on the evening meaning your guests will take home a unique souvenir. We can also brand the Photographs to include any Logo's or Branding that you desire! 

To find out more about booking our PhotoBooth or any of our other options, including DJ, Roulette & Blackjack, click Here to Contact us. You can also call us on 01492 556123! 


Event Lounge is DJMark Approved!

Event Lounge gains Silver award!! 


After qualifying for a Silver award, Event Lounge are now "djmark" approved. This means that we have had our Public Liability Insurance, PAT Testing and other documentation approved. 

This scheme is endorsed by the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) and the Mobile DJ Network (MDJN). You can view the website here.

Event Lounge is proud to be currently holding a Silver Award. 


New Year's Eve 2014!

New Year's Eve 2014!

St George Hotel, Llandudno

This year Event Lounge had a cracking New Year's Eve with three events in North Wales! Our DJ Jonny was in the St George Hotel in Llandudno DJing for a resident's party. He played a mixture of music, going right back to some ballroom classics - from Dubstep to Two-Step! They also had a bagpiper come in to celebrate the stroke of midnight.

Signatures Restaurant in Conwy!

DJ Silv went to Signatures Restaurant in Conwy, and DJed for the diners who had booked onto the party night. They had a great time, dancing to some classics!






A Stunning NYE Wedding!

The lovely couple Ceri & Gareth had a wonderful wedding on New Year's Eve at the Quay Hotel in Llandudno. They booked our Digital Booth option, and Sarah & Tasha went to run it for the night. Congratulations guys!


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