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Terms & Condititons


Any breach of any conditions of the Booking Agreement by the Customer or Venue may result in Event Lounge refusing to hire or provide any service, or ceasing to hire or provide any service before the end of the allotted time. In each such instance, no recompense shall be made to the Customer.


An event is not confirmed until a signed Booking Agreement is received by Event Lounge along with a 25% deposit. A booking date is held for 14 days from the date of enquiry and will then be released for other bookings if the signed Booking Agreement is not received.


Once a Booking Agreement has been signed and received by Event Lounge, bookings can only be amended by agreement of both parties. Although packages may be upgraded if available, the Customer won't be able to downgrade under any circumstances.


A deposit of 25% of the total hire cost is payable on booking, the remainder to be paid 1 month before your event. If the event is within 2 months of the booking date a deposit of 50% is required, the remainder to be paid 1 month before event.


Event Lounge will charge the following fees should a cancellation occur:
Within 120 days of the event: The full agreed fee.
Within 180 days of the event: 50% of the full agreed fee.
The initial 25% deposit is NON REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

Any unpaid cancellation charges after 30 days of invoice will be passed to a collections agency who will act on behalf of Event Lounge. Further charges may then be added to your account.


The Customer is responsible for the behaviour of his / her guests. Event Lounge or Event Lounge staff will not tolerate anti-social behaviour by the Customer, guests or other staff at the venue. Threatening or aggressive language and behaviour will not be tolerated and Event Lounge staff reserve the right to cease performing if the situation is deemed to be unacceptable working conditions. In particular it should be ensured that all children are supervised.


Event Lounge have full Public Liability Insurance, and our equipment is PAT tested annually. Copies of documentation can be provided upon request.


All equipment remains the property of Event Lounge. The Customer will be liable for any damage or loss suffered to Event Lounge equipment during the 'Hire Period.'

The 'Hired Period' is defined as running from the time the Event equipment is assembled to the time the Event equipment is disassembled by us. Please note, any loss of or damage to equipment, other than that caused by fair wear and tear, will be charged for.


If the Customer requests an early set up, necessitating that equipment be left unattended for any period, the Customer shall be responsible for the same as per the preceding paragraph.

Event Lounge insists that no drinks or food be placed on our equipment at any time. If damage occurs to equipment, whether intentionally or accidentally, the Customer will be responsible for the damage and liable to pay for the repair or replacement of the equipment.


The Event Lounge staff will be available from the start time in the Booking Agreement (except for Force Majeure). Event Lounge shall not be liable to extend the performance or provide refund due to late running of prior events such as, but not limited to meals, presentations or speeches.

Photo Booth, Video Diary and Fun Casino timings will be pre arranged, and any overtime may be charged at idle hour rates.


Unless arranged when booking, idle hours are charged if you want our services to start later than the set up time. For example, if you require the booth setting up at 6pm but do not want it running until 9pm, this would be charged at 3 idle hours on top of the hire costs. Idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.


Event Lounge shall be entitled to terminate this contract without liability for any reason beyond its control, for example if Event Lounge staff are unable to perform due to fire or theft of equipment, illness or breakdown of vehicle or Act of God.

Event Lounge will use all reasonable endeavours to locate replacement staff or DJ, but, in the unlikely event of a non performance all monies paid will be refunded, but this will be the limit of Event Lounge’s liability to the Customer.


From time to time Event Lounge staff may take photographs or short video clips at events. We may use these for promotional media, for our website or other promotional material. If you do not wish for pictures or video clips to be taken please notify Event Lounge in writing in advance of the event.


Our prices include travel up to a 30 mile radius of Colwyn Bay. Any further mileage will be charged at £1 per mile.



The Customer must ensure that Event Lounge has access to two 13 amp 230 volt standard electrical sockets at the DJ working position. The sockets must be no further than 5 meters from the performance area.


The performance area must be at least 4m x 2m, and a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m. The DJ's working position must not obstruct any emergency exit route, and must allow enough space for the DJ to operate in safety and comfort.


If the event is to be held outdoors or in a marquee, a suitable dry, solid and level area shall be provided for set-up of the equipment. It shall be the Customer's responsibility to ensure a suitable and stable power supply is provided.


Event Lounge operates with regularly serviced, maintained and good quality sound and lighting equipment. In the rare event of any equipment failure, an on site repair will be attempted. If there is an irreparable breakdown in Event Lounge’s sound and lighting equipment, a refund of up to 100% will be given, but this will be the limit of Event Lounge’s liability to the Customer. Event Lounge or the DJ shall not be liable for loss of sound or lighting due to power loss caused by the venue or generators supplied by the Customer (or Customers’ Third Party). This also applies to the use of sound limiters.


Unless otherwise agreed, our DJ rates are for up to 5 hours, and are up until midnight. Any extra hours are charged at £75 per hour. Extension of service must be arranged and paid in full in advance of the event. Extension of service cannot be added during the event.


We are happy to take a play-list from you, and this can be sent up to two weeks before your event. However, we accept a maximum of 25 songs per play-list.


Mini PA hire is for the agreed date and times, as set out on the Booking Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, hire of the mini PA terminates when the Event Lounge team arrive for the evening party.

The Mini PA system is not for main "disco" use - it is limited to speeches and background music. Playing loud music through it could cause damage and the Customer will be liable for any such costs.

Upon receipt of the Mini-PA, the Customer shall sign a form to accept responsibility for the hire - a £50 cash refundable deposit is required. The Customer is responsible for any loss or damage to the goods, from time of delivery at the venue until they are collected by the Event Lounge employees or until they are delivered back to our premises. Deliveries left at premises are left at the Customer’s own risk.

Customers should ensure that they or their representatives are at the delivery address or, that hotel staff are aware we will be present on the day for set up of the Mini PA.


The Customer is responsible for informing the venue and obtaining permission to use Booths or Mirror.


Minimum floor space required:

Photo and Video Booths are 2.5m x 1.25m (approx. 8ft x 4ft).

Beauty Mirror 1.25 metres x 1.75 metres (approx. 4ft x 6ft)

Luxury Vintage Booth 1.25 metres x 1.75 metres (approx. 4ft x 6ft)

Please bear in mind this is the footprint of the booth only, and we will need some extra space to work within.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure there is enough space for our booths.

The Unlimited Photo Booth is subject to a fair use policy - Event Lounge staff have the right to refuse to print photos for those deemed to be breaching this policy at their own discretion.

The Premium Photo Booth package includes a photo book, which is produced during the event by our Event Lounge team. The Customer should ensure that guests are informed of this, and that their guests sign the photo book. Event Lounge staff aren't responsible for collecting comments from all guests.



Minimum floor space required for individual tables

Roulette 2.75m x 1.5m (approx. 9ft x 5ft)

Blackjack 2m x 1m (approx. 6'6ft x 3'6ft)

Please bear in mind this is the footprint of the tables only, and we will need some extra space to work within. We will not accept responsibility for failure to supply hire due to there being insufficient or unsuitable space for our tables at any venue.

Should any infringement of gaming law come to our attention we will terminate all Event Lounge Fun Casino activities immediately. No refund of any monies will be made.

Your Event Lounge Fun Casino hire will be delivered and assembled prior to the planned event by us. We reserve the right to deliver the Event Lounge Fun Casino equipment at a time that fits in with our business needs.


For legal and insurance purposes, minors under the age of 16 years old are not permitted to play the Event Lounge Fun Casino tables. At events where children under the age of 16 are present, such as Weddings and Private Parties they must, at all times, be supervised by either their parents or recognised guardians - if they are in the presence of the Event Lounge Fun Casino tables.