Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 7

Event Lounge Wedding Tips... Number 7 

Video Diary booth / Capturing memories 

Why a Wedding Video Booth is a Brilliant Idea??
You’ve probably heard of a guest book, where guests sign their names along with a short celebratory message for you. But have you heard of a wedding video? A wedding video diary booth is where guests go to record a short video with words of wisdom, memories, a message about how fun the wedding was, or well wishes for the couple’s future. The result is a fun, interactive video you get to listen to and watch after the honeymoon (and anytime you want)! Signatures are great, but seeing a guest on film is priceless. It’s fun for guests to do, and even more amazing for the couple to watch at home after the big day.

Hiring a video diary booth for your wedding will create some great memories of your special day as well as entertaining your guests!

Not just a good idea for weddings, video booth hire has become ever more popular for all types of parties. Guests can be easily encouraged to leave birthday, anniversary, christening, retirement and Christmas messages, which often become more and more entertaining as the night goes on. 

A friendly Event Lounge team member will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Here's a short sample video so you can see how it works:

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